Golang Split String by Delimiter Using Split, SplitN, and SplitAfter

Golang Split String by Delimiter Using Split, SplitN, and SplitAfter

In this blog, we will learn how to split string by delimiter in Golang using Split, SplitN and SplitAfter Functions present in the strings package.

Learn how to compare strings in Golang.

Golang Split String to Array

func Split(s, t string) []string

The Split function takes a string to split and a separator string to split on and does as many splits as possible.

Split on Space

fmt.Println(strings.Split("My Name is Divyanshu Shekhar.", " "))

Split on Comma

fmt.Println(strings.Split("Learn Split Function, in Golang Strings package", ","))

Split on Dot

fmt.Println(strings.Split("Go.exe", "."))
[My Name is Divyanshu Shekhar.]
[Learn Split Function in Golang Strings package]
[Go exe]

Function returns an array of string that got split by the delimiter.

Split String Using SplitN

func SplitN(s, t string, n int) []string

If you want to limit the number of splits we can use the strings.SplitN() function

Example of SplitN function:

fmt.Println(strings.SplitN("My Name is Divyanshu Shekhar.", " ", 0))
fmt.Println(strings.SplitN("This-is-Golang-Strings-Package", "-", 2))
fmt.Println(strings.SplitN("Go.exe", ".", -1))


[This is-Golang-Strings-Package]
[Go exe]

Split String Using SplitAfter in Golang

The strings.SplitAfter() function performs the same splits as the strings.Split() function but keeps the separator.

	fmt.Println(strings.SplitAfter("golang,strings,package,split,function", ","))
	fmt.Println(strings.SplitAfterN("golang,strings,package,split,function", ",", 2))


[golang, strings, package, split, function]
[golang, strings,package,split,function]

SplitAfterN() function is also available in the Golang strings package when we want to split a specific number of times.

Learn more about Golang Split String by delimiter using Split, SplitN and SplitAfter from the official Documentation.

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