How to start Ethical Hacking?

Ethical hacking

How to start Ethical Hacking? / what are the prerequisites to start Ethical Hacking? “. These are the most frequently asked questions whenever we have to start a new course. In this post, I would like to share my experiences of how I started my journey.

What is Hacking?

In simple words, Hacking is “Gaining unauthorized access to data and system resources“.

Types of Hackers

Commonly there are three types of Hackers:

  1. White Hat / Ethical Hackers (Good Guys)
  2. Grey Hat Hackers (50% Good – 50 % Bad 🙂 ) – Gray hat hackers are a combination of black hat and and white hat hackers.
  3. Black Hat Hackers (Bad Guys) – Black Hat hackers, also known as crackers. Black hat hackers hack to obtain unauthorized access to the network and have intention to damage system.

How to get started with Ethical Hacking?

First of all, hacking isn’t what you see in the movies. There is no immediate consequence, often breaking a wi-fi password will take up to 2/3 days.

Prerequisites for practicing ethical hacking are “Be able to improve and learn from your mistakes on a regular basis” and “Foundational knowledge of at least one coding/scripting language and knowledge of the network and security.”

1. Learn to Code (Programming)

It’s going to be a little complicated for you if you’re from a non-coding background. Hacking is all about the code and use of the screen.

If you don’t know about these, it’s going to be a tough journey for you, but first of all, practice programming. You can continue with “Python” as your programming language, as well as help with Ethical Hacking.

Python is widely used in the field of Ethical hacking to build tools. So it will be a good choice.

If anyone is from the coding background you also must learn python to get comfortable in building your own hacking tools.

2. Concepts of Operating System

You cannot become a good hacker if you don’t understand the basics of the Operating System. You should get comfortable with the basics of “Linux“. Learn Fundamentals of “Kali Linux” / “Parrot Security OS“.

3. Understand Terminal

If you have given a thought of becoming “Ethical Hacker”, then you must start using Terminal (in windows its Command Prompt or Powershell ). Almost every process in hacking is done via a terminal.

For Beginners, you should get comfortable with navigation in the terminal, Creating and Removing Files and Folders, Moving and Copying Files and Folders from one place to another.

4. Learn Networking for ethical hacking

If you want to be a REAL hacker, you must have a strong foundation in Networking.

If you don’t know about Networking, you are not going to understand some of the key features of hacking like ARP(Address Resolution Protocol) spoofing, Deauthentication attack, you will also not be able to relate the concepts regarding IP address.

Tools like Wireshark and N-map require an understanding of networking.

5. Basics of HTML / CSS / JS / SQL (Web Development)

Get yourself familiar with HTML / CSS / JavaScript, these are front-end languages of the website.

HTML (Hypertext markup language) is the skeleton of the website, CSS (Cascading style sheet) gives structure/shape, size and color basically beautify the website, and JavaScript is used as a client-side language to make the website interactive.

Basics of Web Development will help you grasp more concepts about how to find the vulnerability in websites and how to attack.

If you know these things you will not get stuck in JavaScript injection & XSS (Cross-site scripting) and making your own spoofing websites to gain passwords.

Hackers target the “data” and the data is stored in Databases of websites. SQL (Structured Query language) is the language of databases to retrieve and insert data and a lot more. So learn SQL to understand the Core concept of hacking i.e SQL injection.


1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the best sites when it comes to learning. almost every course is available in Udemy. (I prefer courses of Zaid Sabih – Instructor in Udemy)

2. Free Download Udemy Courses

Read my Previous Post How to Get started with Flutter app Development (5th Point) to know about How to Download Udemy Courses for FREE.

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